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When your new sales leads come in, how do you qualify how valuable a prospect they are?

Do you simply rely on what you are told in emails or telephone conversations with the individual and believe their self-promoting hype about how they own the company, hold the purse strings and how their company is a multi-million pound global company? Or do you do a little detective work and find out that they are actually the cleaner for a local start-up?

If you have a service such as InsideView or CreditSafe, chances are you are paying to find this type of information out and even then it's only a small fraction of the information which may be available on the Internet.

There are currently a couple of new systems available on the Internet which will give you insight into company and personal information both from a business point of view as well as a social media angle.

How helpful would it be to have access to not only the company director list and their annual company accounts, but also to see how they promote themselves in the Social Networking environment and across the Internet as a whole?

What would you pay for such limitless information? £10 per month? £50? £100?

How about if you were to access that information free, when you wanted it, even on your mobile device?

Here's the lowdown on two possible solutions.

1. Level Business (
A UK-oriented system allowing you to search on all UK registered companies. That's more than 3 million company records, listing not only their registered address and directorship details, but also allowing you to download copies of the actual accounts records submitted to Companies House.

With a mobile accessibly site, the information is clear, concise and, more importantly, up to date.

2. Yatedo (
At the time of writing the Yatedo site is currently in Beta, but allows you to search for on-line references to people, companies, schools, jobs, in fact any criteria you like and gives as many results as it finds across Internet, LinkedIn, Twitter, Images etc.
Again, this is a really useful tool to delve deeper into who individuals you are dealing with are, without having to scrape through hundreds of different search engines or on-line systems.

Yatedo have invested not only in a powerful website system, but have also taken the move to create an iPhone app which, I have to admit, is a nicer interface than the website itself.

I searched for myself and found the majority of information is correct and relevant although the picture image associated to my name is NOT me or anyone I know. But, as I said, it's still in Beta so there are bound to be the odd discrepancy but nothing that should stop you trying it.

So, you've now got this information and you want to log it in your SugarCRM system (after all, the more useful information you have in the CRM system, the more powerful a tool it becomes for your company).

But how do you do this?

How do you add the relevant boxes to fill in for the information you want to store?

How do you link those sites directly inside your SugarCRM system so your users don't have to keep flicking between web browser windows?

At EnableIT SugarUK, we've got the answers, so why not give us a call on +44 1473 618980 or email at and let us help you improve the quality of your business information?

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